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Libero Libero
Version 2.32

Installing the VAX/VMS Kit

To install Libero for Digital OpenVMS you can either download the binary kit for VAX/VMS or the source kit, if you have a C compiler (Vax C, Dec C, or GNU gcc). Currently we do not have a binary kit for Alpha OpenVMS - you must build from the source kit. To rebuild from the source kit, download /pub/libero/src/lrsrc232.zip and place it into a working directory. You need the unzip tool to extract it:

    $ set def [.temp]
    $ create/dir []
    $ ... upload LRSRCxxx.ZIP into this directory
    $ unzip -a -o lrsrc232
    $ @buildvax.txt

If you do not have Unzip on your VMS system, consider installing it - it is well worth the bother. You can also unzip the sources on a PC and upload them from there.

The file BUILDVAX.TXT is a procedure that compiles and links Libero. Run it (@buildvax.txt). Then copy these files into an installation directory which is world-readable:

To run Libero your LOGIN.COM file must include these lines:

    $ define/nolog path "directory";  ! name of Libero directory
    $ lr :== $$disk[directory]lr.exe

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