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Libero Libero
Version 2.32


Libero Documentation

The Libero documentation is available on-line in these sections:

  • Introduction to Libero
  • Installing Libero
  • Using Libero
  • Libero's Languages
  • Examples
  • Technical Reference
  • To browse the documentation on your own system you need a Web browser. Download the Libero documentation kit and unzip this onto a local hard disk. If you use PKUNZIP, be sure to use the -d option. If you use InfoZip's free unzip, this is the normal modus operandi. Point your browser at the index.htm file.

    To print the documentation, download lrfull.zip which contains the complete documentation in one big HTML file. Not all links will work. You need unzip to install this.  

    Liberetto - The Libero Fanzine

    Mail us if you have comments, complaints, bug reports, or just stories for other iMatix users. We may include your letters in part or whole in Liberetto, our monthly newsletter.

    These back issues of Liberetto are available:

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