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Version 2.32


Installing the OS/2 Kit

Download Libero for OS/2 [117Kb]. This was compiled with EMX 0.9b, using GCC. Ewen says:

The binary was compiled using EMX 0.9b (I think it should run fine with EMX 0.9c, the latest version), using: gcc -O2 -Zomf -s lr????.c -o lr.exe As usual people will need the EMX runtime libraries to run the executable; they're on most OS/2 ftp sites including hobbes.nmsu.edu, ftp.cdrom.com, and ftp.leo.org. Since quite a few programs need them, most people have them installed already. It should run okay with the EMX 0.9b runtime libraries and the EMX 0.9c runtime libraries (which are the current ones).
Oh, BTW, it'll probably run okay under DOS as well (as a 32-bit version) with either the EMX.EXE extender (included in the runtime DLL package mentioned above), or with RSX (I think it's called) which is a DMPI equivilent for EMX.EXE. Being a 32-bit version it might solve ram-cramp issues if anyone is having problems.

Create a new directory and extract lros2.zip there. This creates the set of files that you need to run Libero under OS/2. You must either add this new directory to your path, or copy certain Libero files into a directory (like C:\UTILS) which is already on your path:

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