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Libero Libero
Version 2.32

What You Will Need

To install Libero, you'll need:

  1. Either the binary kit for your system, or the source kit which is also available as a GNU gzipped file.
  2. Infozip unzip to extract the archives. If you do not have Infozip unzip for your UNIX or VAX system, you can unzip the files under MS-DOS or Windows and upload them individually. Use PKzip version 2.04g or later or a compatible unzip program.
  3. Alternatively, for UNIX source installation, GNU gunzip.
  4. For UNIX or VMS installations from the source kit, an ANSI C compiler to compile Libero.
  5. A compiler or interpreter for the language that you want to work in. You don't necessarily need this on the machine where you want to run Libero; it's possible to work on one system, then transfer the results to another for compiling and running.
  6. The Libero documentation kit.

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