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Libero Libero
Version 2.32

Installing the MS-DOS Kit

Download Libero for MS-DOS. This was compiled using Borland Turbo-C.

Create a new directory and extract lrmsdos.zip there. This creates the set of files that you need to run Libero under MS-DOS. You must either add this new directory to your path, or copy certain Libero files into a directory (like C:\UTILS) which is already on your path:

The LR.EXE file is not too large, and runs in a modest amount of memory. If you are writing really enormous dialogs, you may want to rebuild LR.EXE from the source kit using a DOS extender. I haven't tried this, and I have not heard of anyone running out of memory with Libero under MS-DOS. The 32-bit OS/2 version should run under MS-DOS. You may also want to try the 32-bit MS-DOS version if you run Windows NT or 95.

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