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  Welcome to Xitami.com
The web site dedicated to the small, fast, and powerful multiplatform Open Source web server - Xitami! News, support, addons... it's all here at xitami.com. Xitami.com is run by iMatix Corporation, the company that brought you Xitami.
Xitami 2.5c2 current release
Xitami 2.5c2 is the current product release. This is a recommended upgrade from all earlier 2.5 releases. The current release is maintained with all security patches, and is currently stable with minor changes to functionality over time. We recommend the current release for users who need the extra functions of Xitami 2.5. Download it today.
Xitami 2.4d11 stable release
Xitami 2.4d11 is the Xitami stable release. This is a recommended upgrade from all earlier 2.4 releases. The stable release is maintained and patched with new security releases but is otherwise not enhanced. We recommend the stable release for users who need a simple but fast web site with a minimum of extra functionality and configuration. Download it today.
  Buy Xitami/Pro Now!
Available on-line from DigiBuy.
New - Server-Side XML and GSL!
Transform XML data into HTML using simple GSL scripts!! Xitami/2.5 provides server-side processing for XML and GSL files using the iMatix GSL scripting language, built-in to the web server engine. GSL lets you load and manipulate XML data, turn it into HTML or other text, and is compatible with all browsers.
Secure your Website
Xitami/Pro adds full SSL to Xitami for just $99. Available for Windows and Linux today! For more details...

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