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Based on Xitami, Xitami/Pro adds a fully secure SSL layer. We used the OpenSSL library from openssl.org. OpenSSL is the leading Open Source SSL library, widely tested, and used in Apache/SSL, and other SSL products. OpenSSL was developed by encryption experts and is free of commercial code. Xitami/Pro runs on the latest secure OpenSSL release (currently 0.9b7).
Xitami/Pro supports SSL/2, SSL/3, and TLS strong encryption, and is compatible with industry-standard certificates from Verisign and Thawte. Xitami/Pro is fully compatible with your existing Xitami installation and includes the full Xitami web/ftp server. It also comes with a tool to generate your own certificates, ideal for testing and for intranet use.
Xitami/Pro is available for Windows 95/98/NT, and Linux. It is fully compatible with the SSL protocols and all modern browsers including MSIE, Netscape, and Opera.
Using Xitami/Pro on the Internet
Xitami/Pro lets you build a secure commerce server. All transactions between the server and the browser are encrypted and fully secure against evesdroppers. You can choose the key length up to the limits supported by OpenSSL, including triple DES (168 bytes). You can configure Xitami/Pro to work with only those ciphers permitted in any particular country. Xitami/Pro is one of the cheapest SSL solutions available, for any platform.
  Using Xitami/Pro on an Intranet
Xitami/Pro is great for intranets where you want to secure access to an application. You can issue certificates to trusted users and let certified users access protected URLs without the 'user/password' prompt.
How much does it cost?
Xitami/Pro costs just $99. You can get a year's subscription (updates and technical support) for $195, and two year's subscription for $250. For example, if you buy a year's subscription now, you'll get automatic updates each time there's a new release, for 12 months. This price does not include any commercial certificates you'll need. Buy Xitami/Pro on-line now.
Getting Xitami/Pro
You now buy Xitami/Pro online. You can download a trial version of Xitami/Pro for Windows 95/98/NT. This package is about 1.5Mb large. The trial version does not expire, but is an old version of Xitami (2.4c3).
Installing Xitami/Pro
You do not need to have installed Xitami previously to install Xitami/Pro. Xitami/Pro is a superset of the standard Xitami package. Unzip the package into a directory of your choice, but not into the principal Xitami directory. If you already run Xitami, copy the webpages and ftproot directory, as well as any custom configuration files, or point the webpages and ftproot into the Xitami directories. Read the "ssldoc.txt" file which contains instructions about creating and using certificates. Edit the "sslhttp.cfs" file to tell Xitami/Pro which certificates you use.

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