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  Xitami is Open Source
Xitami is Open Source and many of its features have been added by users. It's written in portable and easy-to-read ANSI C. All the tools you need are an ANSI C compiler, and other free software you can download from www.iMatix.com.
What Do You Need?
Get the Xitami source kit for your system, and build it. On Unix you need an ANSI C compiler; for Windows you need MSVC or Borland C. On OS/2 you need the free EMX tools. Probably the best platform for hacking Xitami is Linux - it's fast and stable.
Then get your hands on the Libero tool from iMatix.com. This is a tool we use a lot in Xitami - it's practical, and great fun too!
Finally, read the Libero and SMT doc, and look through the SFL. Now you're ready to start hacking the Xitami sources!
  I want a Windows Version!
The source code that turns Xitami into a pretty Windows App is now open source, and is included in the Xitami source packages. Download it today.
Can I get the SSL code?
You can use the Xitami/Pro SSL agent (smtssl) to build your own high-performance secure TCP/IP servers and clients based on the iMatix SMT kernel. The SSL agent source code costs US$2,500 for unlimited commercial use. Includes the OpenSSl library, pre-built for Windows, Linux, and OS/2.
Xitami Developers Group
The Xitami developer's group is a mailing list for discussing Xitami development issues. To subscribe, send a message with the following command in the body of the message: subscribe xitami-dev. Use this list to ask questions about Xitami developments, tools, etc.

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