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  Please don't e-mail us...
We get hundreds of emails about Xitami each day, far too many to answer. All our old Xitami support email accounts are bombarded with spam. Read the Xitami on-line help. Read the FAQ. Ask your question on the Xitami discussion group.
  Solving Common Problems
90% of web-server problems are caused by network settings or configuration issues. Use Xitami's server:debug option to debug problems: the trace files (debug.log, header.log, and request.log) are often useful.
The Xitami Discussion Group
The Xitami discussion group is a mailing list for discussion about installing and using Xitami. To subscribe, send a message with the following command in the body of the message: subscribe xitami. Use this list to ask questions about using Xitami.

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