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  Xitami Developers SDK
The tools you need to design your own web-based admin screens, including the fdlgen/fmlgen form generators from iMatix Studio, and other tools. The Xitami SDK is now packaged in the Xitami/2.5 source kit.
Xitami Documentation Source
The original documentation source for Xitami. Requires htmlpp from iMatix. Packaged as a portable .zip file. Get it now!
Xitami Regression Tester
The Xitami regression tester lets you create test scripts to check that your site is working correctly. Requires Perl. Download now!
Sokrates Java Servlet Runner
The Sokrates Servlet Runner from Conacom GmbH works with Xitami through its LRWP support. Compatible with Java2 and the current versions of Xitami. Download now!
ISAPI Support (beta 1.1)
Add ISAPI plugins to your Xitami web site. Requires Xitami, and the ISAPI runtime from IIS or PWS. Download now! This software is in beta testing - please send us your comments and experiences.
ASP Support
Halcyonsoft supports ASP scripting with Xitami through their commercial Instant ASP product.
  Xitami and ColdFusion
XiFusion 2.5 allows you to use Xitami and ColdFusion Express together to create dynamic webpages. New in version 2.5, XiFusion also helps Xitami and PHP work better together. Download it from the Shining Light Productions site. Or download it from the Evernet mirror site.
Web development using PHPlib and Libero
A Libero schema for PHPlib written by Bernard de Rubinat and Attilio. Use this to develop web database applications using PHP. Requires Libero.
Swish 1.1.1 for Windows
A great search engine, originally written for Unix, and ported to Windows by Wim Niemans. Get the Windows self-installing executable now.
Mailto for Windows
Mailto, is a small, free, and simple mail client by Scott Beasley, author of the SFL sflmail module. It lets you send e-mails from within CGI programs, with attachments, and can also be used as a mail form program. Download Now!
CGI interface for Visual Basic
A framework for CGI programs in Visual Basic, by Wei-dun Teng. Download now!
Other Products
PerlChat is a Perl-based chat application, developed using Xitami.

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