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iMatix Technical Whitepapers

Available in PDF format, formatted for A4 paper.

The Web Transaction Protocol
The iMatix Web Transation Protocol provides a scalable architecture for high-performance web applications. WTP is based on commercial transaction processing systems used to support hundreds or thousands of users on single mainframe systems. This paper defines WTP/1.0, an implementation of WTP that is available for use with the iMatix Xitami web server.
Constructing Fast Internet Services
OpenKernel is the iMatix architecture for fast internet services. A total package consisting of SFL, SMT, Libero, GSLgen, and the other open source tools that iMatix builds and provides to the Internet developer community. This technical note describes the rationale behind OpenKernel.
Template-based Code Generation
Template Based Code generation is a cutting-edge technique for developers of all kinds. This technical note explains the evolution of code generation techniques since the first such tools were invented in the 1970's. The current state of the art is the 3rd generation solution provided by iMatix - the open source GSLgen code generator.
The Pyramid Principle
The Pyramid Principle is a simple and yet effective way to chop complex projects into managable layers.
The iMatix Application Framework
The iMatix Application Framework (iAF) provides an architecture for developing modern 3-tier web applications running on any web server and any web application technology. iAF uses an XML-based repository and a template-based code generation technology to generate entire business applications.
The iAF Presentation Framework Language
Describes the iAF Repository Presentation layer (in progress).
The iAF Object Framework Language
Describes the iAF Repository Business-Object layer.
The iAF Database Framework Language
Describes the iAF Repository Database layer.
The iAF Object Access Language
Describes the iAF Object Access Language.
Software Portability
Explains the technology iMatix uses to create portable software tools.

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