iMatix Corporation iMatix Corporation does primary software research and development. We are world leaders in the technologies of high-speed internet servers, code generation, and industrial-scale e-commerce servers and applications. Our work is financed by consultancy and custom development activities. Our software is widely used by professionals who need the very best.
Xitami Xitami v2.4d7
The small, powerful, fast, portable web server. Go to for more information. Open Source software. What people say...
GSLgen GSLgen v2.0
The ultimate tool - XML transforms, code generation, reporting, and more... The Generator Scripting Language (GSL) lets you build XML applications within minutes. Runs on all platforms, provided with full source code. Open Source software.
Libero Libero v2.32
You never knew programs could be built like this! Write the top-level logic as a readable state diagram and press the button! Libero generates code in C++, C, Java, PHP, Basic, COBOL, Perl,... Open Source software. What people say...
Htmlpp v4.2a The top HTML preprocessor. Generates pages, headers, footers, contents, cross-links,... Industrialise your HTML production! Go to for more information and the latest releases. Open Source software.
SMT v2.81 Component-based multithreading for telecomms and internet development in C; this powerful engine drives the Xitami web server. Open Source software.
SFL v2.11 The Standard Function Library for C/C++ developers: over 450 functions covering all domains. Portability and power. Open Source software.
White Papers iMatix technical white papers.
iMatix Archives Add-ons, contributed software.
All iMatix products are Y2K compatible. iMatix Corporation makes no guarantee of any kind as regards the use of its software. To be sure your systems pass Y2k, test them.
Open Source products are provided in source code format under a liberal license agreement. iMatix, Libero, Xitami, SMT, SFL, and GSLgen are trademarks or registered trademarks of iMatix Corporation. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. iMatix software runs on Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, and all UNIX varieties except as documented. We welcome all enquiries and suggestions. For more information on our products and services, mail us.

Awards for our Software

ServerWatch Hall of Fame '98 Winner! ServerWatch Hall of Fame '99 Winner! 1-Apr-98: Xitami is one of the Top 50 Winsock Applications! 1-Oct-97: Xitami Wins 5 Cows at Tucows! 5-Apr-98: website wins an itmWEB 5-Star Rating!! 14-Apr-98: Xitami gets best rating at!! 15-Dec-97: Xitami Get All The Ducks at NoNags! 17-Jul-98: Xitami is #1 on! Listed on All4Free Xitami is an Editor's Pick on ZDNet!
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