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What People Say About Libero...

Libero in a word is SUPERB. After reading the excellent documentation and examples (love the humor .. course, I like Douglas Adams alot, and the wife think its nuts). Before now I had very little experience with FSM's. I have been learning Perl for awhile so this is my first language of choice although with Libero I might tackle some C projects. The point is with Libero it doesn't really matter what language I write it in becuase I Libero gives me a tool that I can express a general solution to whatever problem im faced with and worry about the details of the actual modules later. Included as attachments is my first working dialog and resultant perlscript for your enjoyment or ridicule. :) Thanks again for developing fine software (and making it free!)
-- Allen S Evenson <>

I just downloaded your EXCELLENT software and is very easy to use.
-- Jaime Ramirez <>

Please, oh please, add me to the liberetto mailing list. I like what you are doing and I like how you are doing it. I've been in this business a long time so it may take me longer than the 5-year-old to use Libero effectively but I see the light. :-)
-- Brooks David Smith <>

Super system - definitely better than average commercial quality. (I know, I know, pretty faint praise, but I'm not being sarcastic ;-) I've successfully incorporated the Libero FSM into the GUI user interface of the Internet product I'm working on. Quite pleased with the result - the FSM approach seems very appropriate for GUIs, and I think it gives a much higher level view of how events are handled - something I've been looking for.
-- Tom Bushell <>

_smaller, faster, cleaner, tighter, cheaper, sooner_ ... quite a company philosophy!
-- Bernard D. Tremblay <>

I learned about Libero from a posting to stating that there is a tool for generating finite state machines. Found it at and tried it out. It tooked only a few hours to write a simple parser for ISO date format as a working state machine. A SMTP daemon for Netware was done in about 2 days. Since then I count Libero as part of my toolset.
-- Mathias Weidner <>

Thanks for Libero and SMT, two great tools, specially in a Unix environment.
-- Kenneth Irving <>

I stumbled across your stuff yesterday. I like it, mostly because I like to use generated code and your program is very clean and flexible. Good work. I like your toy!!
-- Bruce Korb <KORB_BRUCE@Tandem.COM>

Great tool.
-- Rick Harmsen <>

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