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What People Say About Xitami...

And no, we're not making these up... we used to show people's e-mail addresses but then they got spammed. The original e-mails for these are available on request.

FREAKING good program dude.
-- knightrider

Hi there!
As a die-hard Xitami user since 1995, I can say that I've never been disapointed by it's performances or features. Xitami has proven to be THE best webserver for windows NT because of it's flexibility, simplicity and ease-of-use... It's well worth the try. Thanks!

-- Vincent Rioux, administrator

All of the hard workers there at iMatix have created a wonderful program in Xitami! It's so easy to set up and use, I couldn't believe it! The amount of configuration possible is amazing! And it's free! Who could want anything more? I use it as a personal server for testing CGI scripts and web sites before posting them to the Internet. I refused to pay for a server when I knew how the Internet community was! So after some searching, and trying a few different servers, some free, some shareware, I stumbled across Xitami. Am I glad I kept searching! Keep up the good work!
-- Lonnie Ezell

Your web server is incredible. It is small, fast, and feature packed! The integrated FTP server blows the socks off any competition. Keep up the great work!
-- John Vitullo

Unbelievable. I ran Micro$oft's 'Personal Web Server' for the longest time. I had always had problems, but it was free and relatively easy to install. I just searched on for a web server app and yours was displayed. I tried it out and it's now replaced MSPWS!! What an excellent product. How you can offer it for free is beyond me.
-- Stephen Wahr

Thank you for wonderful free product. We are starting our small company intranet and have come to choose Xitami after having tested Apache, Netscape and MS. We use Xitami on NT with PHP 3 and Sybase SQL Anywhere, and also consider a project with LRWP + Python, and moving it all to Linux. I had no problems installing and learning Xitami, performance is great, configuration is one of the simplest. Good luck, and once more thank you.
-- Igor Yakushevski, Activision Ltd., Moscow, Russia.

Just to let you know Xitami is performing flawlessly serving a site that an hour after its inception is receiving 25 to 30 raw hits [including image loads, etc] per second! This site is The Dr. Laura site. Thanks for a great free product!
-- Graham

Wow. It's been years since I've seen a product that even registers on the Wow Scale. (Jaded? Me?) But the Xitami Web server is just plain astonishing... I'm impressed. 618 K; it's free; it's fast; and in about 20 minutes, I've gone from no server to Web server -- with enough time left over to wander around and say "Wow" more times than an alpha-geek wannabe would ordinarily admit to. Bill Gates, eat your heart out.
-- The October '98 issue of the American Bar Association's Law Practice Management magazine.

hi, i just wanted to let you guys know that your products are really outstanding.. i very rarely feel compelled to write anyone and compliment them, but i can't help it.. i've only been using the Xitami web server a few weeks, but it's the best i've seen so far.. i haven't been able to really get too involved with your other products yet, but i'm anxious to. thanks again,
-- Jim

Many thanks for the incredible Xitami server! I use the NT Service version on a 486/100mHz/48mbRAM machine with NT 4.0 and I couldn't be happier! To me performance is the most important aspect of a web server. Xitami not only fills that criteria, it is incredibly easy to install too. And on top of all that, it's free! Thanks again!
-- Christian Seger

What I like most about Xitami is that it's easy to handle. Nothing outside Xitami's directory, no "setup is updating your system" (which scares the hell out of me each time). Amazing! No DLLs in the 'system32'-directory, and no registering of OLE components. No need to reboot after installing! I've got the strong impression that I can rely on the fact that it will never crash my computer or prevent me from running other applications, as opposed to certain other products of vendors that shall remain nameless. Actually I've got the suspicion you've never used the MFC wizard :-) This is quite surprising nowadays, and I encourage you to keep it that way. Thanks again for your great product.
-- Bernd Luevelsmeyer

I would like to thank you for Xitami - it's both the smallest and fastest web server I've looked at. It runs flawlessly on our OS/2 server and was the easiest server install I've done. In a few days, it will be one of the primary web servers in our company.
-- Brad Benson

I'm just a typical computer technician who works magic on ill mannered computers. And I happen to delve into web page designing during my off time at home. We have a lot of documentation that was just put into electronic form, and I thought about publishing it on our internal network, but in order to take full advantage of a web based system, I needed a Web Server product for my web pages I publish on our network. So I did my hunt for web servers, and found your unbeatable, and outstanding web server product "Xitami". I personally have to say it RULES! Plus you can't beat the price of FREE. I've looked at other products some ranging around $100 - $300, but this product kicks all the competition butts. And I just love the "ready-to-run-outta-the-box" feature. The only other thing I had to do was drag-n-drop my CGI scripts into an appropriate folder i created for them, and change the CGI location in the HTML files. So I have to say, YOU guys outdone yourselves on this product. Congrats to you, and everyone that made this product a WINNER! Keep up the good work.
-- Marvin L. Tomson

I just downloaded a copy of your Xitami Server software. Withing minutes, I had it up and running, and everything is going great. Thank you very much for offering this excellent piece of software.
-- Tom Hill

Hi! I'd like to become known to the world (and you...) as a happy user of Xitami. It's cool. I like it. It's faster and more convenient than anything I've seen before serving the web. period. Go on making cool stuff. Greetings from Hamburg, Germany.
-- Christian Schmidt

Thanks for producing an outstanding product and making it available as freeware. I now run a small web server running for my department within an educational institution in South Africa. The server has performed flawlessly.
-- Nic Thorne

I first used Xitami for the evaluation of my company's web site. They loved it. Sadly they had already purchased a virtual domain, and the site was moved there. We still use Xitami for all of our internal web services, and technical support department. With a free account from Monolith we are able to keep our service department available to the public 24 hours a day. I loved the stability of Xitami so much that I installed it on one of my network win95 boxes at home. It now runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and hasn't had an error yet. This program beat out the NT4.0 IIS server that I ran for a short time. I still use another 3rd party ftp server, but only because I have everything already set up there. Thanks for creating such a great product. After years of "bumming" lines of code from my own programs and scripts, I could never top this incredible program, and all its functions with the small footprint that it has. WOW!
-- EKSTREAM Designs

I'd like to thank you and the whole iMatix crew for all the wonderful work you have been doing. I LOVE Xitami and I love that you take the time to reply to users of the mailing list (very detailed and timely -- thanks again). I'm a college student right now and current can't afford Xitami Pro, but I'm looking forward to supporting you guys after I graduate. I have alot of faith in Xitami, and it's always a great pleasure to hear others say "This program kicks! I'm uninstalling Apache and installing this on my linux box". I look forward to showing more people your great product. It's the easiest and fastest webserver I have used in both Windows 95 and Linux. You guys are the greatest, and I can't thank you enough.
-- Chrissy

I just wanted to tell you that your product is GREAT! I'm a teacher who uses the 'Net as a repository for course notes, news briefs, and other sources of info on career counseling information systems. I had to install a quick and dirty solution on our intranet for my own needs, and your product performed even better than what I expected (which was a lot, BTW!). Lastly, performance is truly awesome, even on a low-end Pentium system with Win95 connected to a Netware 4.x server. I had 60 students tonight work together and the server worked A-1! Keep up the good work!
-- Marc Couture

Xitami is an excellent program! I've been using it for over a year now (sorry for the late registration!) and I am quite satisfied. Xitami is, by far, the best webserver available for Windows 9x, and it stacks up very well against others available for Unix and NT. And it's free! You guys must be some kind of saints.
-- Josh Hinman

Great Job Team! I used to use IIS4 on my PII NT Server, not any more. I think the thing that sold me, apart from the speed, was the filter support. All of my web apps require serious code somewhere and I was looking for a 'cleaner' web server than IIS which supported that. I gave up on ASP a while back and now I've chucked IIS as well. I'm not anti-microsoft or anti-IIS, I just think Xitami is much better. Faster, Easier to Configure, More *Understandable* Docs .. why go back?? Thanks for a great product. !
-- Brendon Sly

WOW!!!!! This is awesome! I have MS personal web server but never use it because it's kind of a pain to keep going without any challenges. Xitami is an outstanding program because all I needed to do was run the win32.exe file and instantly I had my own web server online! It blew me away when I ran MSIE to see if I could really connect to my new Xitami web server. It was really online just by running the .exe file! No set ups, no hassles. Just that easy.
I've no idea why you folks have released such an awesome program for free, but I'm glad you did! Because until now I've been using a business host which requires that I put their banners on each html page or pay $$$ monthly in order to use their services. Not that I mind reciprocating but their banner ads cripple all of my cgi scripts which include framesets :( Now for me, I can avoid that frustration as well as avoid the high cost of renting a primary server just to run a few cgi scripts.
Thank you very very much!

-- Andre' Bell

Using Xitami to build my company's intranet was a breeze. It took only a few moments and our web server was running smoothly (FTP too!). Thanks iMatix!
-- Bradley Ronald Lindquist

I'm still trying to figure out if I'm dreaming. Xitami is everything it promises to be. And free?!?!?! That's the icing on the cake! This thing couldn't be easier to use. Within minutes of installing it, I was viewing the help and admin stuff from my browser on a different machine. I copied over a site of mine, and it worked flawlessly. I was impressed that you already had RealAudio in the MIME config, as I use it on my site. In another few minutes I was using FTP. WOW! Oh... and just FYI, I'm running Xitami on a 396-40 with 20MB of RAM under Win95. True, it's an antique by today's standards, but it was something I cobbled together. The fact that Xitami runs so well on it is a real credit to you.
-- Mike

Just converted to using Xitami for OS/2 from Goserve. It only took about 30mins or so to get my website fully functional again (setting up aliases etc.). It was a breeze to install, I was surprised how intuitive it was. Without any docs and looking up some config files, I was quickly able to grasp how Xitami works and get it up and running. Not only that, it is really FAST! It was also efficient in it's use of CPU resources. To test it out I had several users browse the pages with each of them also streaming an MP3 file at 128k per second through our campus network. Only the hard drive whirring and a few microscopic peaks on the CPU meter were indicators that there were several people connected. I look forward to finding out more about its features.
-- Khairil Yusof

I have been using Xitami on my PII233 box w/ 64 MB for a month. Since I don't receive a large number of hits at the moment, I couldn't find opportunity to test its limits. However Xitami's easy and high configurability really impressed me. Xitami support a lot of useful features, which most of the commercial server software cannot handle efficiently. SMALL + FAST + EASY + POWERFUL + ... => EXCELLENT!!! Thanks a lot for this great product.
-- Ali Gurhan Gur

I've tried a few of the other httpd's and you guys really do have the best, it's powerful, highly configurable yet simple to use. Thanks for making a great product.
-- John Yarborough

I absolutely have to say this - Xitami is GREAT!!! I have a record of 68 connections at one time, serving over 10,000 unique hosts that day serving over 1 gig of data, all on my 5-year old 486DX4-100 with 48meg RAM.
-- Chew Peng Ee

Thank you for such an amzing program! I've tried numerous web server programs and this is the ONLY one that does what it says. Setup couldn't have been more simple. I was up and running in no time! The program is easy to configure and very straightforward. Again, thank you.
-- Daniel Franklin

WONDERFUL web server. I am a webmaster at work and I run it on my P166 on our intranet. My boss can watch me work "hot" on the current site. My computer can't support the whole company...but I can show the site to anyone on our hundreds of servers (handy for getting the site approved). I also use it personally everytime I log into the internet ( and if the Unix version will work on a Linux box, we are going to use it for The Santa Barbara PC Users Group site when we can afford a full time connect. Best wishes, and thank you very very much.
-- Mike Burns

Hi - I've been trying out the various freeware servers for Win95 for some time now, and I keep coming back to Xitami. I've just recommended it to my third-year students as their best bet in a development web server.. I just deleted the Microsoft PWS - great server, ASP is cool, but it ate my laptop whole and has no authentication ability on Win95. Xitami takes no noticeable resources and it's just so fast. Unlike Sambar, getting Python CGIs to run was a snap. I really like the way you point CGI scripts at the executable as on Unix, because it means I can run both the ActiveState and the regular versions of Perl when I need to. Cheers on a great product.
-- Julian Melville

I've been looking for a web server for quite some time and I ran across many of which were bloated and did not do as advertised. Then while keeping my hopes up that something was out there that would work I came across Xitami. I thought to myself only a couple 100Ks for a web server?!? Could not possibly work!! Yet I decided to download it and give it a try. I must say that I'm glad that I did. I run it on a P133 Win95 machine with a mere 28.8 connection and it easily handles 10-20, possibly more due to no serious load testing, visitors simultaneously!! Thank you for making such a great product that is affordable and easy to use!
-- Christopher Patricca

Kudos on an excellent product. For our discussion board program, Discus, we are now recommending Xitami as our #1 choice for a freeware web server on Windows 95. Among other products we reviewed (OmniHTTPd, Microsoft PWS, Apache, Sambar, Fnord, ...), your server was equally easy to set up and a breeze to configure, but it stood out above the rest in terms of attractiveness while running (a task tray icon and administrator functionality that actually work!), speed (especially CGIs), and CGI setup/perl association. We are pleased to endorse your server with our customers -- and we have noticed that several of our customers have installed your product and our discussion board software and are now happily using it.
-- Kevin W. Paulisse, creator of Discus discussion board software

Your webserver is excellent. Nice range of features and you can't beat the price :) I'm very impressed by it. It's *definitely* the web server for users of Windows 95.
-- Wayne Smith CNE/MCSE

I downloaded and tested your little server - terrific! I'm trying to learn CGI/perl, and I'm using the server locally to test scripts. Xitami is the first server app I've tried that didn't reduce me to tears of frustration within 15 minutes of installation! What a relief....
-- Craig Rothfuss

This is the coolest thing there ever has been. This product is so clean, so small, and so packed full of features, it's hard to comprehend how it's free. You guys rule! Thanks for making such an incredible product for the masses.
-- Devin Akin

I have been using your server software since October of 1997 and have had zero problems with it. It istalled without a hitch and runs without my attention during holidays that last a week at a time. Microsoft Webserver has nothing on you guys. Thank you for providing such a nice product for free.
-- James Miller

Great, great product.. will use it for all my web hosting needs :) love the interface, the simple administration, and just the overallness of it being free (is overallness a word??)! hehehe.. well.. thanks for making a good product!
-- Andrew Gildehaus

I could not believe how easy this was to setup and run! I almost didn't download the program, because I figured that anything this complicated couldn't possibly work! I am sure glad I did!
-- John Kennedy

I have used Xitami in the past (2.0e), and am about to run the latest (2.2b). I must say, after running MS Personal Web Server 1.0a & 4.0, MS IIS 2.0 - 4.0, O'Reilly WebSite 1.1e, and Apache (latest Linux version), I have found that Xitami outperforms all of them. I do regret that it doesn't have FrontPage Server Extensions, but hopefully soon that will change. For the FTP Server since 2.0e, I didn't quite like the limited configurability of it, but it is a good shot for combining both HTTPD and FTPD in one power-packed package!
One thing I would like to see is for GUI-based users, is to have a GUI Configurator, not Web-Based, but a graphical front-end, much like O'Reilly WebSite has.

-- Eric Renfro, CyberNet Technologies / Fae Designs, CNT System Administrator,

I'd like to write about your product, Xitami webserver. It is excellent. Fast speed performance and multiplatform. I run a Windows 95 p233 box and Linux 2.0.30 p200 box. Both run Xitami. I used to use my Windows 95 system a lot as a webserver and Xitami was useful. It did not lag up my sys, I could do whatever I want while it was running. CGI is excellent. I like that the server is freeware. You have saved my life with your product. Also Xitami is very much built like another exelent but less comfortable server Apache. It can fetch pages at speeds higher then the normal internet connection. I love your product. Keep up with such work!
-- Alex Feinberg

We have been using Xitami for about a year and it has performed flawlessly. The upgrades you have made during the past year are impressive. Keep up the good work!
-- Steve Utterback, Meramec Valley Software

I would like to say that it is my opinion that your Xitami Web/FTP server is, by far, the best server I have used. It surpasses both larger Unix servers, and Microsoft Personal Web Server for Win95, and you may quote me on that.
-- Melvin Mathew Meadlin II

After trying out another free web server, I was almost convinced that there couldn't be a good free web server, and was about to switch back to IIS when I came across Xitami. To put it simply - within about 5 minutes I had installed Xitami, told it what I wanted it to do, and it went about doing it (darned well I might add!). Congratulations on making such a fine piece of software, and thanks for making it so affordable!
-- Roger Dunk, Arcadia Technology

I have used Xitami as my web server of choice for about 3 months now. I removed Front Page 97 after I watched it (xitami) run for about 2 mins! Effortless install and superb reliability! Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put in on this piece of super software!
-- Todd Peterson

I have been running your software for over a month now, in that month the total hits for the sites on the server are well over 100,000, the machine has it's own T-1 connection and has no problem keeping up. I have not had one problem with the software, and I love how easy it is to setup a virtual host! great job!
-- Clint Anderson

This is great web server, easy to config, run and maintain. And most of all: it's free. I really like its DNS-based virtual hosting feature, it's fantastic.
-- Victor Fuentes

I've just installed on an NT 4.0 server and initial reactions are WOW!!! Clean, easy installation process; intuitive, simple configuration and apparent (yet to be load tested) super performance on a P133 NT system.
-- Maxwell Moon

Xitami is REALLY fast and REALLY small! I'm running it on a Pentium 90 w/32 MB RAM (that's already overloaded) and it s c r e a m s !!!! I had to stop running O'Reilly's web server due to lack of resources. Thanks for making a great, and fast, product and even more for making it FREE! I have taken the liberty of giving you credit, and added a link, at the bottom of my web site ( I hope you don't mind.
-- Darryl Taylor, MIS Director, Fournier Furniture, Inc. St. Paul, VA

Hey there iMatix folks,
I was starting to think my 200mhz Pentium Pro was over the hill(ish), but heck if all my software was as perky as Xitami my machine could last for ever. I have to applaud you for your dedication to the goal of small, fast, and clean software. In the day an age of 100mb office suites your attitude shines. Great motto.

-- Steve McKay

Hi all, Please put a price tag on this product. You certainly would have a right to do so... Okay, I 'll keep my nose out of your business. Idiot proof (believe me, I'm living proof) , no intricate maneuverings and system modifications. Just as advertised ... out of the box and on to the net. Thanks,
-- Mike Maguire

I must say you have done it again with Xitami 2.0e. Extremely stable, easy to use and set up. (even better with the web-based admin...) With this, you can kick Microsoft's Internet Information Server's rear any day of the week! I should know...I tried IIS for about 30 seconds...and then switched BACK to Xitami!
-- Michael J. Gollihue

It is simply the best free web server I've seen.
-- Rick Funderburg

This is the best "out-of-the-box" solution I have encountered for web server software. I use it with my 28.8 dial-up account and have great success with it. I also use it at work and have found it to be great on a LAN also. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the hours of programming that you have spent in making such a wonderful piece of software.
-- Matthew J. Augustine

I tried ALL the freeware and shareware and demos of servers for Win95. This is for certain the easiest to use - can run it "straight out of the box" or you may make it highly configureable - or anything in between. Now includes FTP also, and it too can be run as is or tweaked. They do answer Email - and fast.
-- rosko

Well this is a pretty good server! It was really easy to set up, and worked the first time I tried it. Great stuff!
-- Elliott Potter
iMatix: Can I quote you on the web site?
Elliott: Sure. After fiddling with it, I'm even happier with it!

Thanks a bunch for writing such excellent free software, Xitami is the fastest web server I have seen yet, very efficient and clean. I run it locally, in order to test my CGI programs, and it is SMOOTH!
-- Zest!

I am really impressed with your Xitami Webserver. It's fast, stable and doesn't require lots of CPU overhead to run.
-- Aaron Cake

This is certainly the best Windows server I've encountered, and as an ISP, I'm seriously considering using this server to replace the current IIS 3.0 system after more tests have been done to ensure stability and responsiveness - all of which it's passed so far :)
-- Martyn B. Drake

Just wanted to drop you folks a line about your WebServer. We are a new Internet presence provider setting up on the Net for the first time. We tried every version of "free" server out there, and a few commercial ones. Your software is the fastest, easiest server we have found! Thanks for a great product! So far it has worked flawlessly on our our win95 based, 133Mhz, 64mb Ram, server machine. We will soon be migrating to NT server, but have already decided to run Xitami Server. I just installed v1.3b tonite and was amazed at how well it worked! Great stuff guys!
-- Tim Pearcy

Thank you for such a great web server. It is the smallest, fastest, and most covenient web server I've used so far.
-- Oleg Rekutin

My company is putting together a web demo that is being developed on Unix, but need to run under WNT/W95 as well. I got the chore of sorting out the differences. Our developers develop around Apache 1.2. I chose Xitami as our W95/NT server mainly because of its small footprint. Xitami, perl 5.003 for W95/NT, and all our pages can fit on one floppy easily.
-- Jeffrey Collyer

I recently tried Xitami 1.2b, and really liked it a lot better than my current server (Fnord)--especially the speed and the format of the log file. Congratulations on a very nice product!
-- Jerry Palsson

I happened across your website while browsing the No-nags repository for a web server. I not only found exactly what I was looking for with Xitami, but I was blown away to the point of inspiration by all the outstanding offerings on your site... and all of it with the source code included!!! The elegance of your designs makes the mystique of portability seem trival... and cross platform design is an art that sometimes seems completely lost to many of the software development houses churning out "Windows only" apps these days. I'm looking forward to exploring your libero tool as it focuses well needed attention on the DESIGN phase that so many SW engineers blow through all too quickly... myself included! Thanks again for your generous contributions... they, and the talented people behind them such as yourself are greatly appreciated and make the internet world a lot brighter and more productive place!
-- Nomad

This is an excellent program and better than any other server I've found!
-- Michael Cooper

I just wanted to complement you. With every newsletter that comes out, and every update that comes out, I'm always amazed. Seldom is an excellent product built for free, and is as loved, cared for, and maintained as well as Xitami. I prefer its use over any other shareware or freeware server, and I've yet to find a commercial system with enough advantages to draw me to it instead. Congradulations on a most excellent product, and I hope it continues to be as good as ever!
-- Aaron N. Tubbs

Looks like a nice job you did on the server. And, I can definitely say that you are the fastest tech-support I've seen for webservers. I'm on week 3 of a tech support issue with another webserver company.
-- Robert C. Robinson

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for offering Xitami web server, especially for free! It is an excellent product. I have spent the last 2 weeks researching web servers for Windows NT 4.0 for my company. Our primary concern is speed. My own in-house tests showed Xitami to be MUCH faster than other web servers, especially the NT Service version. Xitami was setup on a Pentium 166MHz, 64MB RAM & Windows NT 4.0. The internet connection being a T1, but also accessible from our 100MB intranet. With Xitami also serving via the T1, it maintained approx. 790 kb/sec. rate to my workstation over the 100MB intranet. Comparatively, OmniHTTPd maintained around 400 kb/sec. and W4 Server around 370 kb/sec rates. All tests were done using a 50MB file. The only difference is that Xitami was *ALSO* serving the T1 connection at the same time, the other programs were not! Amazing... to say the least. Anyway, I've made my choice. :)
-- Craig VanGordon

I really love your webserver. It is small and powerful.
-- Ben van Aarssen

Wonderful !!! I think this is great. I tried to break this but could not. The speed is fabulous. It is much better than any other webserver, including ISAPI and NSAPI. Thanks Pieter and all those who are in your team or helping you. This is a killer product and needs lots of visibility.
-- Mohammed Aziz, NetDynamics Inc.

I've been looking for a web server for a while which runs the same config under Windows & OS/2 as on my unix boxes. This is primarily to use my laptop to demo stuff created on the unix boxes. The problem was that nothing quite supported virtual hosts, seamless CGI, and was easy and solid. Xitami is all of these and has saved me considerable time and effort.
-- Bruce M. Walter

After trying on my Windows95 PC many server programs, plagued with GPF's, bugs, incompatiblities, and other "undescribeable" configuration problems, I came upon your site. Thanks for a great product!, and most of all (Sorry, I have to scream this so everybody can hear it)

-- Ignacio Bustamante

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