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Version 2.11



#include "sflfind.h"
void *
memfind (const void  *block,            /*  Block containing data            */
         size_t       block_size,       /*  Size of block in bytes           */
         const void  *pattern,          /*  Pattern to search for            */
         size_t       pattern_size,     /*  Size of pattern block            */
         Bool         repeat_find)      /*  Same pattern as last time        */


Searches for a pattern in a block of memory using the Boyer- Moore-Horspool-Sunday algorithm. The block and pattern may contain any values; you must explicitly provide their lengths. Returns a pointer to the pattern if found within the block, or NULL if the pattern was not found. If you repeatedly scan for the same pattern, use the repeat_find argument. If this is TRUE, the function does not re-parse the pattern. This function is meant to handle binary data. If you need to search strings, use the strfind_r or strfind rb() functions. Non-Reentrant.

Source Code - (sflfind.c)

    static size_t
        searchbuf [256];                /*  Static shared search buffer      */

    ASSERT (block);                     /*  Expect non-NULL pointers, but    */
    ASSERT (pattern);                   /*  full through if not debugging    */

    return memfind rb (block, block_size, pattern, pattern_size,
                       searchbuf, &repeat_find);

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