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Version 2.11



#include "sflfind.h"
char *
strfind_rb (const char *string,         /*  String containing data           */
            const char *pattern,        /*  Pattern to search for            */
            size_t     *shift,          /*  Working buffer between searches  */
            Bool       *repeat_find)    /*  Flag for first/later search      */


Searches for a pattern in a string using the Boyer-Moore- Horspool-Sunday algorithm. The string and pattern are null- terminated strings. Returns a pointer to the pattern if found within the string, or NULL if the pattern was not found. Supports more efficient repeat searches (for the same pattern), through a supplied search buffer. The search buffer must be long enough to contain 256 (2**8) size_t entries. On the first call repeat_find must be set to FALSE. After the search buffer has been initialised, repeat_find will be set to TRUE by the function, avoiding the search buffer initialisation on later calls. This function is most effective when repeated searches are made for the same pattern in one or more strings. This function is meant to handle character data, and is most effective when you work with large strings. To search binary data use memfind(). Will not work on multibyte characters. Reentrant.


    char   *result;
    Bool   repeat_search = FALSE;
    size_t searchbuf[256];

    result = strfind_rb ("abracadabra", "cad", searchbuf, &repeat_search);
    if (result)
        puts (result);
        result = strfind_rb ("cad/cam", "cad", searchbuf, &repeat_search);
        if (result)
            puts (result);

Source Code - (sflfind.c)

    ASSERT (string);                    /*  Expect non-NULL pointers, but    */
    ASSERT (pattern);                   /*  fall through if not debugging    */
    ASSERT (shift);
    ASSERT (repeat_find);

    return (char *) memfind rb (string,    strlen (string),
                                pattern,   strlen (pattern),
                                shift,     repeat_find);

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