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Version 2.10



#include "sflxmll.h"
xml_load (const char *path,
          const char *filename)


Loads the contents of an XML file into a new XML tree. The XML data is not checked against a DTD. Returns NULL if there was insufficient memory, or the XML file could not be read. The XML tree always starts with a top-level item called 'XML' with these attributes:
filename Name of the XML input file
filetime Modification time of the file, "HHMMSSCC"
filedate Modification date of input file, "YYYYMMDD"
Looks for the XML file on the specified path symbol, or in the current directory if the path argument is null. Adds the specified extension to the file name if there is none already included.

Source Code - (sflxmll.c)

    feedback = NULL;                    /*  Reset return feedback            */

    ASSERT (filename);
    pname = filename;
    ppath = path;

#   include "sflxmll.i"                 /*  Include dialog interpreter       */

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