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Version 2.11

Process user id (uid) and group id (gid) functions

Filename: sfluid.h
Package: Standard Function Library (SFL)
Written: 1996/05/03 iMatix SFL project team sfl@imatix.com
Revised: 1998/09/04
Copyright: Copyright (c) 1996-2000 iMatix Corporation


Provides functions to access user and group id names and manage the current real/effective uid's and gid's for a process. These functions are only meaningful on UNIX systems, and partially on VMS systems, but may be used by portable programs that must operate under UNIX as well as other environments. Some uid functions are non-portable between UNIX systems; this package provides a single API. Changes for OS/2 were done by Ewen McNeill ewen@naos.co.nz.

List of Functions

List of Symbol Definitions

sfluid.h defines these symbols, possibly conditionally:
Symbol: Defined as:

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