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Version 2.11

Directory access functions

Filename: sfldir.h
Package: Standard Function Library (SFL)
Written: 1996/04/02 iMatix SFL project team sfl@imatix.com
Revised: 2000/01/18
Copyright: Copyright (c) 1996-2000 iMatix Corporation


The directory access functions provide a portable interface to the system's file directory structure. In general these functions are modelled around the UNIX opendir and readdir functions, but they are also similar to the DOS interface. These functions can fail on SVr4 if the <dirent.h> file does not match the C library. Recompile with the switch -D _USE_BSD_DIRENT and they should work a bit better. Tested on: MS-DOS (Turbo-C), Windows (MSVC 4.0), UNIX (Linux, IBM AIX, SunOS). OS/2 port was done by Ewen McNeill ewen@naos.co.nz. DJGPP and DRDOS LFN by Rob Judd judd@alphalink.com.au. Changes for Win32 by Will Menninger willus@netcom.com.

List of Functions

List of Symbol Definitions

sfldir.h defines these symbols, possibly conditionally:
Symbol: Defined as:
ATTR_HIDDEN 0x02 /* Hidden file */
ATTR_MASK 0x17 /* All bits together */
ATTR_RDONLY 0x01 /* Read only file */
ATTR_SUBDIR 0x10 /* Subdirectory */
ATTR_SYSTEM 0x04 /* System file */
DEFAULT_DIR (various)
Dirent dirent /* We'll always refer to Dirent */
GID_CACHE_MAX 10 /* Max. different gid's we cache */
MAXNAMLEN (various)
S_IEXEC 00100 /* Owner may execute */
UID_CACHE_MAX 10 /* Max. different uid's we cache */
stat _stat

List of Type Definitions

Type name: Defined as:
mode_t unsigned short
nlink_t unsigned short
off_t long

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