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Version 2.11

Linked-list functions

Filename: sflnode.h
Package: Standard Function Library (SFL)
Written: 1996/06/03 iMatix SFL project team sfl@imatix.com
Revised: 1997/09/08
Copyright: Copyright (c) 1996-2000 iMatix Corporation


Provides functions to maintain doubly-linked lists. You can use these functions to work with lists of any structure. To make this work, all structures must start with two pointers, "void *next, *prev;". When you want to attach a linked-list to another structure, declare the list head as a NODE. You can then refer to this variable when you attach items to the list head. The code sets the global node_unsafe to TRUE whenever it is changing a list. NOTE: DEPRECATED IN FAVOUR OF SFLLIST.C.

List of Functions

List of Symbol Definitions

sflnode.h defines these symbols, possibly conditionally:
Symbol: Defined as:
node_reset(node) (node)-> prev = (node)-> next = (node)

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