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Version 2.11

What Is The SFL


At iMatix we develop portable free and commercial software. We work in ANSI C to cover the widest range possible. A major part of our toolkit has always been our subroutine library. This was initially written for MS-DOS in 1991 but has developed into a more ambitious project since then.

From the outset, we ignored commercial libraries. Our software is usually Open Source and using a commercial library would have been a problem. We looked for free libraries, but found only specialised and mostly non-portable collections of functions. So, we built our own. We hope you like it. We certainly use it all the time.


When we designed the SFL, we had certain things in mind:


The SFL is in use on at least these systems:

Some recent functions may not have been tested or implemented across all platforms. Some functions are empty on some platforms. Since the SFL is continually improving and enlarging, there are always newer functions that are less tested, and possibly less than 100% portable. Our intention is that the transparency of the SFL makes these functions easy to test and improve.

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