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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my .if command not work?

Even without looking, I'm sure you're trying something like .if $(var) = Xyz. Well, this won't work. Htmlpp is lazy, and sends all its .if commands to Perl to evaluate. Perl thinks that '=' is an assignment, not a comparison. Which always works, or perhaps never does, but certainly will not change depending on the value of $(var). To cut a long story short, use 'eq' and buy the Camel Book.

Why does my .if command still not work?

Well, maybe you made a mistake. For example, this is wrong:

if $(TITLE) eq "first second"
You have to enclose both arguments in quotes, like this:
if "$(TITLE)" eq "first second"

How do I install htmlpp on UNIX?

Put it into a common directory like /usr/local/bin; make htmlpp executable (chmod +x htmlpp); make sure its .i and .pl files are in the same place; put this directory on the PERLLIB path, and put it on your PATH too. That should work. If you don't have access to /usr/local/bin (i.e. you're not root, which if you were you'd probably not need help at this point) then make a bin directory under your login directory and add $HOME/bin to your path.

How do I change the .htm extension to .html?

Redefine the $(EXT) variable.

Do you know of any good link checkers?

Try Linbot, written in Python.
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