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Xitami Xitami
Version 2.4d7

Technical Implementation

Xitami was built using the SMT kernel from iMatix. This is a toolkit for building portable multithreaded servers, amongst other types of program. You can get the sources for Xitami and SMT from the iMatix web site, as well as the tools (for instance the Libero development environment) you need to modify it, or write your own multithreaded servers. The SMT kernel is inherently portable, and runs on a variety of systems. For more information, see our web site. All documentation is held on-line.

The Windows implementation was built as a (native Windows) multithreaded process, with one foreground thread handling the control panel and one background thread running the (portable multithreaded) HTTP server.

Various articles in Dr Dobb's Journal describe the technical implementation of Xitami. See Dr Dobb's Sourcebook July/August 1996, and Dr Dobb's Special Report on Software Careers Spring 1997 for articles on Libero and SMT.

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