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Version 2.81

SMT API Quick Reference

SMT Quick Reference                                   Revised: 1996/12/14 PH

Global variables

    int     smt_errno                       Set when API detects an error
    char    *smt_errlist []                 Corresponding error messages
    event_t _the_next_event                 May be set by thread code
    event_t _the_external_event             Set by event_wait()
    event_t _the_exception_event            May be set by thread code
    Bool    _exception_raised               May be set by thread code
    Bool    _io_completed                   Last lazy I/O completed
    Bool    _repeat_module                  Repeat current action module
    Bool    signal_raised                   True after interrupt
    Bool    shutdown_pending                When kill signal in progress
    int     signal_value                    Value of signal

    AGENT  *next, *prev;                    Doubly-linked list
    NODE    methods;                        Methods accepted by agent
    NODE    queues;                         Queues defined for agent
    char   *name;                           Agent's name
    Bool    router;                         True if multi-thread/queue
    int     priority;                       50=Low, 100=Normal, 200=High
    long    max_threads;                    Max. permitted threads, or 0
    long    cur_threads;                    Current number of threads
    long    top_threads;                    Max. number threads we had
    long    thread_tally;                   How many threads created
    long    switch_tally;                   How many context switches

    METHOD *next, *prev;                    Doubly-linked list
    AGENT  *agent;                          Parent agent descriptor
    char   *name;                           Name of method
    int     priority;                       50=Low, 100=Normal, 200=High
    int     event_number;                   Internal event number

    long node;                              Location of queue (zero)
    long ident;                             Queue ID number (1..n)

    QUEUE  *next, *prev;                    Doubly-linked list
    AGENT  *agent;                          Parent agent descriptor
    NODE    events;                         Events in queue
    NODE    threads;                        Threads for queue
    QID     qid;                            Queue ID descriptor
    int     max_events;                     Maximum allowed events
    int     cur_events;                     Current number of events

    EVENT  *next, *prev;                    Doubly-linked list
    QUEUE  *queue;                          Parent queue descriptor
    QID     sender;                         Replies come back here
    char   *name;                           Name of event
    size_t  body_size;                      Size of event body in bytes
    byte   *body;                           Event body
    char   *accept_event;                   Reply if we accept event
    char   *reject_event;                   Reply if we reject event
    char   *expire_event;                   Reply if we expire event
    time_t  timeout;                        Expires at this time (or 0)

THREAD Properties
    THREAD  *next, *prev;                   Doubly-linked list
    QUEUE   *queue;                         Parent queue descriptor
    long     thread_id;                     Thread identifier number
    char    *name;                          Name of thread
    Bool     animate;                       Animate this thread
    void    *tcb;                           Thread context block (TCB)
    EVENT   *event;                         Last-received event

SEMAPH Properties
    SEMAPH  *next, *prev;                   Doubly-linked list
    char    *name;                          Name of semaphore

Function Prototypes

int      smt_init           (void);
int      smt_term           (void);
int      smt_exec_full      (void);
Bool     smt_exec_step      (void);
Bool     smt_active         (void);
void     smt_set_console    (QID *qid);
void     smt_set_timer      (QID *qid);
int      smt_atexit         (function exitfct);
void     smt_shutdown       (void);
AGENT   *agent_declare      (char *agent);
AGENT   *agent_lookup       (char *agent);
int      agent_destroy      (AGENT *agent);
METHOD  *method_declare     (AGENT *agent, char *method, int nbr, int priority);
METHOD  *method_lookup      (AGENT *agent, char *method);
int      method_destroy     (METHOD *method);
QUEUE   *queue_create       (AGENT *agent, int max_events);
QUEUE   *queue_lookup       (QID *qid);
int      queue_destroy      (QUEUE *queue);
int      queue_flush        (QUEUE *queue);
int      event_send         (QID *to, QID *from, char *name, byte *body,
                             size_t body_size, char *accept, char *reject,
                             char *expire, word timeout);
EVENT   *event_accept       (QUEUE *queue, EVENT *event);
int      event_reject       (QUEUE *queue, EVENT *event);
int      event_expire       (QUEUE *queue, EVENT *event);
int      event_discard      (QUEUE *queue, EVENT *event);
EVENT   *event_iterate      (QUEUE *queue, EVENT *event);
int      event_destroy      (EVENT *event);
void     event_wait         (void);
THREAD  *thread_create      (char *agent, char *thread);
THREAD  *thread_lookup      (char *agent, char *thread);
int      thread_destroy     (THREAD *thread, Bool cleanup);
SEMAPH  *semaph_create      (char *name, int value);
SEMAPH  *semaph_lookup      (char *name);
int      semaph_destroy     (SEMAPH *semaph);
int      semaph_wait        (SEMAPH *semaph);
int      semaph_signal      (SEMAPH *semaph);
int      lazy_creat         (char *path, int mode);
int      lazy_open          (char *path, int flags);
int      lazy_read          (int handle, char *buffer, size_t count);
int      lazy_write         (int handle, char *buffer, size_t count);
int      lazy_close         (int handle);
int      senderr            (QID *to_queue);
int      sendfmt            (QID *to_queue, char *name, char *format,...);
void     raise_exception    (event_t event);
void     recycle_module     (Bool wanted);

#define  SEND(q,name,s)     event_send ((q), NULL, (name), (byte *) (s),                                         strlen(s) + 1, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0)


    Possible values for smt_errno
    SMT_NOERRORS            0               No errors
    SMT_EVENTEXISTS         1               Event already declared
    SMT_INTERNALERROR       2               Agent had internal error
    SMT_METHODEXISTS        3               Method already declared
    SMT_NOSUCHEVENT         4               Unknown event name
    SMT_NOSUCHMETHOD        5               Unknown method name
    SMT_NOSUCHQUEUE         6               Event queue not defined
    SMT_NOSUCHSEMAPH        7               Unknown semaphore name
    SMT_NOSUCHAGENT         8               Agent not defined
    SMT_NOSUCHTHREAD        9               Thread not declared
    SMT_NOTREADY            10              SMT API not initialised
    SMT_OUTOFMEMORY         11              Not enough heap memory left
    SMT_QUEUEISEMPTY        12              Event queue is empty
    SMT_QUEUEISFULL         13              Event queue is full
    SMT_SEMAPHEXISTS        14              Semaphore already exists
    SMT_AGENTEXISTS         15              Agent already declared
    SMT_AGENTNOTREADY       16              Agent not initialised
    SMT_THREADEXISTS        17              Thread already declared
    SMT_TOOMANYTHREADS      18              Too many threads

    Values for priority arguments
    SMT_PRIORITY_NULL       0               Illegal (null) priority
    SMT_PRIORITY_MIN        1               Lowest priority
    SMT_PRIORITY_LOW        50              Low priority
    SMT_PRIORITY_NORMAL     100             Default priority
    SMT_PRIORITY_HIGH       200             High priority
    SMT_PRIORITY_MAX        255             Highest priority

    Values for agent_declare () type argument
    SMT_AGENT_NORMAL        0               1 queue for 1 thread
    SMT_AGENT_ROUTER        1               1 queue for n threads

    Event constants
    SMT_NULL_EVENT          -2              No event for method

    SMTLOG - Logging Agent
        One thread per log file; create thread with log file name, or supply
        log file name in CYCLE, OPEN, APPEND events.  Filename "" or "NULL"
        means discard all log file output.  Errors are sent to SMTOPER.

    Method:                         Body:           Replies:
    CYCLE    Cycle log file         [file name]     -
    OPEN     Open new log file      [file name]     -
    APPEND   Append to existing     [file name]     -
    PUT      Write line to log      Line of text    -
    PLAIN    Do not timestamp log   -               -
    STAMP    Timestamp each line    -               -
    CLOSE    Close log file         -               -

    SMT_LOGGING             "smtlog"        Name of logging agent
    int smtlog_init         (void);         Logging agent

    SMTOPER - Operator Console Agent
        Single unnamed thread created automatically when agent initialises.
        Send messages to console device or log file if specified.

    Method:                         Body:             Replies:
    ERROR    Error message          Message           -
    WARNING  Warning message        Message           -
    INFO     Information message    Message           -
    LOG      Redirect to log file   SMTLOG thread name  -

    SMT_OPERATOR            "smtoper"       Name of operator agent
    int smtoper_init        (void);         Operator agent

    SMTTIME - Timer Agent
        Single unnamed thread created automatically when agent initialises.
        Accurate to 1/100th second.

    Method:                         Body:             Replies:
    ALARM    Alarm after delay      SMT_TIME_ALARM    TIME_ALARM, TIME_ERROR
    WAKEUP   Alarm at some time     SMT_TIME_ALARM    TIME_ALARM, TIME_ERROR
    CLOCK    Alarm at intervals     SMT_TIME_CLOCK    TIME_ALARM, TIME_ERROR

    Replies:                                    Body:
    TIME_ALARM      Alarm went off              SMT_TIME_REPLY
    TIME_ERROR      Insufficient memory         Error message

    SMT_TIMER               "smttime"       Name of timer agent
    int smttime_init        (void);         Timer agent

    SMT_TIME_ALARM          "qqmM"
    q=time/delay in days
    q=time/delay in 1/100th seconds
    mM=user-defined data block, returned with reply event

    SMT_TIME_CLOCK          "qqwmM"
    q=delay in days
    q=delay in 1/100th seconds
    w=number of times to cycle - zero means forever
    mM=user-defined data block, returned with reply event

    SMT_TIME_REPLY          "mM"
    mM=user-defined data block, returned with reply event

    SMTSLOT - Time Slot Agent
        One thread per application; create thread with application name.
        Send SPECIFY events, then ON or OFF to set timer initial state.
        Specification is "name values..."; name is "mon" to "sun", or date
        in MM/DD, YY/MM/DD, or YYYY/MM/DD format.  Values are hh:mm[-hh:mm]
        in 24-hour clock format, delimited by spaces.

    Method:                         Body:             Replies:
    SPECIFY  Specify time slot      Specification     SLOT_ERROR, if error
    ON       Error message          -                 SWITCH_ON, SWITCH_OFF
    OFF      Error message          -                 SWITCH_ON, SWITCH_OFF

    SMT_SLOT                "smtslot"       Name of time slot agent
    int smtslot_init        (void);         Time slot agent

    SMT_SLOT_SPEC           "s"
    s=day of week, mm/dd, or yy/mm/dd followed by 1 or more time specs

    SMTSOCK - Socket I/O Agent
        Single unnamed thread created automatically when agent initialises.
        Multiple writes are processed in order; multiple reads are collapsed.

    Method:                         Body:             Replies:
    READ     Read socket data       SMT_SOCK_READ     SOCK_READ_OK,...
    READR    Read, repeat for ever  SMT_SOCK_READ     SOCK_READ_OK,...
    WRITE    Write socket data      SMT_SOCK_WRITE    SOCK_WRITE_OK,...
    INPUT    Wait for input         SMT_SOCK_INPUT    SOCK_INPUT_OK,...
    INPUTR   Wait input, repeat     SMT_SOCK_INPUT    SOCK_INPUT_OK,...
    OUTPUT   Wait for output        SMT_SOCK_OUTPUT   SOCK_OUTPUT_OK,...
    CONNECT  Connect to host        SMT_SOCK_CONNECT  SOCK_WRITE_OK,...
    FLUSH    Flush requests         SMT_SOCK_FLUSH    -

    Replies:                                    Body:
    SOCK_READ_OK    Data read okay              SMT_SOCK_READ_OK
    SOCK_WRITE_OK   Data written okay           SMT_SOCK_OK
    SOCK_INPUT_OK   Socket has input ready      SMT_SOCK_OK
    SOCK_OUTPUT_OK  Socket ready for output     SMT_SOCK_OK
    SOCK_CLOSED     Socket was closed           SMT_SOCK_READ_OK
    SOCK_TIMEOUT    Request timed-out           SMT_SOCK_READ_OK
    SOCK_ERROR      Socket error during read    SMT_SOCK_ERROR

    SMT_SOCKET              "smtsock"       Name of socket i/o agent
    int smtsock_init        (void);         Socket i/o agent
    void smtsock_trace      (Bool trace);   Socket i/o agent trace on/off

    SMT_SOCK_READ           "dqddq"
    d=timeout, in seconds - zero means no timeout
    q=socket to read from
    d=size of receiving buffer
    d=minimum amount of data to read, 1 - buffer size; zero = all
    q=user-defined request tag

    SMT_SOCK_WRITE          "dqmMq"
    d=timeout, in seconds - zero means no timeout
    q=socket to write to
    mM=block of memory to write to the socket
    q=user-defined request tag

    SMT_SOCK_INPUT          "dqq"
    d=timeout, in seconds - zero means no timeout
    q=socket to wait on
    q=user-defined request tag

    SMT_SOCK_OUTPUT         "dqq"
    d=timeout, in seconds - zero means no timeout
    q=socket to wait on
    q=user-defined request tag

    SMT_SOCK_CONNECT        "dsssdqq"
    d=timeout, in seconds - zero means no timeout
    s=type, UDP or TCP
    s=host, specified as name or dotted address, or NULL
    s=service, as name or port number in ASCII, or NULL
    d=16-bit host port, or 0
    q=32-bit host address, or 0  -- one of these pairs is required
    q=user-defined request tag

    SMT_SOCK_FLUSH          "q"
    q=socket to flush requests for

    SMT_SOCK_READ_OK        "dqmMq"
    d=timeout, in seconds, from read request
    q=socket specified for i/o
    mM=block of memory
    q=user-defined request tag

    SMT_SOCK_OK             "qq"
    q=socket specified for i/o, or new connected socket
    q=user-defined request tag

    SMT_SOCK_ERROR          "sqq"
    s=error message
    q=socket specified for i/o, or new connected socket
    q=user-defined request tag

    SMTTRAN - Transfer Agent
        Single unnamed thread created automatically when agent initialises.
        Transfers fixed-size blocks or complete files.

    Method:                         Body:             Replies:
    PUT_BLOCK   Write block         SMT_TRAN_PUTB     SMT_TRAN_PUTB_OK,...
    GET_BLOCK   Read block          SMT_TRAN_GETB     SMT_TRAN_GETB_OK,...
    PUT_FILE    Write file          SMT_TRAN_PUTF     SMT_TRAN_PUTF_OK,...
    GET_FILE    Read file           SMT_TRAN_GETF     SMT_TRAN_GETF_OK,...
    COMMIT      Finish transfers    -                 -

    SMT_TRANSFER            "smttran"       Name of transfer agent
    int smttran_init        (void);         TCP/IP transfer agent

    SMT_TRAN_PUTB           "qmM"
    q=socket for output
    mM=block of data to transmit

    SMT_TRAN_GETB           "q"
    q=socket for input

    SMT_TRAN_PUTF           "qs"
    q=socket for output
    s=name of file to send

    SMT_TRAN_GETF           "qs"
    q=socket for input
    s=name of file to receive

    SMT_TRAN_PUTB_OK        "d"
    d=size of transmitted data

    SMT_TRAN_GETB_OK        "mM"
    mM=received block of data

    SMT_TRAN_PUTF_OK        "q"
    q=size of transmitted data

    SMT_TRAN_GETF_OK        "q"
    q=size of received data

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